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Christmas Vacation……… Ho Ho Ho!!!

What better than celebrating Christmas in Europe than anywhere else. Different cultures and food clubbed under a single Umbrella. Me being a huge travel and food luster (not sure if that’s the word), i was in seventh heaven to celebrate my Christmas in Europe.Copenhagen can get bit much colder than other parts, however it does not take away the feel. Tivoli garden is lit up to its most beautiful way ever. Tivoli garden if you guys dont know about it, its the second oldest amusement park in the work.First being the Bakken (again in Copenhagen).

Indeed an awesome experience of 5 day tour to the most famous cities starting from Berlin and ending at Malmo, Traveling all the way to Prague and Budapest.


Copenhagen to Berlin – Takes about an hr flight and can be booked from 30 Euro up to 80 Euros. Easy jet flies almost everyday from Copenhagen to Berlin. Another option to explore would be the bus ride, which is said to be the beautiful route to reach Berlin. I would not recommend the train journey as it would have a 1 or 2 stop changeover.However plan in advance and it would be more convenient.

Berlin to Prague: There are IC(Inter City) that run between the 2 cities, which can be pretty comfortable.Its an approximate 5 hr journey and would go in a blink if you have good food,good drink and good company. Travel fares are not much if booked in advance. It can vary from a lowest of 20 Euros to a maximum of 50 Euros.

Prague to Budapest: Out of the lot this is a longest journey in the entire round trip. It takes about 7 hrs to reach Budapest city.However not the very expensive one. Travel cost you around a cheapest of 18 Euros and a maximum of 30 Euros. The journey can be a bit tiresome. But its good on the pockets.

Budapest to Malmo: This was mainly because , the return flights to Copenhagen might get a bit over the board. This re route would hardly cost you a thing. The flights from Budapest to Malmo would be starting from 30 Euros and the another 15 Euros from Malmo to Copenhagen, making a total of 45 Euros (might change), which is way cheaper than anyone could expect. Check for tickets on Whizz airways.

Things to do:

Berlin: During this period of time, since it very cold! the concept of Hot Wines are pretty famous across Europe. They can be referred to as a various names. Visit the Christmas markets which has a variety of take home stuffs you will not miss. Apart from this, if Berlin wall is on your list you can pay a visit. However it can be a little disappointing since its not actually what you would have imagined. Brandenburg gate is the next thing you wanna visit. very good for the photographers.We also visited one of the Christmas markets which is really really beautiful.


Prague: Accommodation in Prague was done via Airbnb. Make sure you look for location under Prague 1-4. V unfortunately stayed in Prague 8. Beautiful apartment but a bit far from the main area. Also we had some trouble getting to the center because the ticket vending machine for the metros would only accept cash and during Christmas almost all the places are shut. Including the ticket counter in train stations. Prague in it self is a very beautiful city. The old town still holds it beauty and charm till date.Charles Bridge , Prague castle, and the astronomical clock is something not to miss. Apart from this various cafes and restaurants can be a treat. Since I am Indian and on the hotter side on my taste pallete, We ended up visiting a Indian restaurant “Indian Jewel” which is a must visit if you crave a little of spice and masala. Make sure to look up for dates because things might be closed for Christmas. One of the things never to miss in Prague is the Pub Crawl. Amazing arrangements and most amazing experience.

9 11 12 13

Clockwise – Old town , Prague castle, Pub Crawl and charles bridge

Budapest: The city made with 2 cities Buda+Pest is the next destination in our journey. Beauty hits you immediately once you enter. The Basilica is one of the best i have been to. The whole city has a different. Things not to miss are the “Guloush” a dish made with stewed meat, hot fine and the thermal baths. I would personally recommend Széchenyi Thermal Bath” because I have been to this one. Make sure to hit the Hard Rock Cafe. the best I have seen so far.

17 20 23 28

Clockwise: Basilica,The bridge joining the cities of Buda+Pest, Heroes square, The view from Pest.


All in all a wonderful and an amazing experience across the 3 major cities in Europe.

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