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A Parisian Experience

Paris, known for its most romantic tourist destination leaves you mesmerized and completely in love with it be it the Eiffel tower, the food , the wine , the cafes etc… During my childhood, I always dreamed about London may be because it was the only place I knew apart from India. Then came the era of DDLJ (a very famous Indian movie, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jaayenge) which not only won a million hearts across the world but also imprinted Europe mainly Switzerland in every Indians heart. However what was not properly advertised was the beauty of this wonderful city. It was my first travel destination ever is Europe and trust me, it doesn’t disappoint you in any means!

Note: All itinerary are from my current city Copenhagen.


Copenhagen to Paris: The journey takes about 2 hrs in flight and can be very convenient and cheap if booked well in advance. I would not suggest train or bus as it can get really tiresome (considering a weekend getaway). Flight offers or fares can be checked from any website, however I would personally recommend “Norwegian Air” for the travel which flies to Paris Orly airport. the round trip costs you around lowest of 80 Euros to a highest reaching up to 270 Euros.

Stick to Paris Orly airport as its very much closer to the city center. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the city center with the tram and the metro line. CDG airport can be a bit outskirts and if you take the public transport, it would consume a lot of time. However airport shuttles are available which charge you about 50 Euros.

Within the City: Take a day pass or a 2 day pass depending on your requirement, which will be more than enough to cover most of the city with metro and the train lines. If you wish to visit the Disneyland, you might have to buy a different ticket.

Stay: There are plenty of accommodation options in Paris. You can choose from a wide range of hotels hostel and B&B. I personally choose Airbnb for any of my stays,firstly because I have an option of choosing my requirement, secondly you get to meet the local and get some pointers on how best to explore the city. Accommodation in an airbnb can cost from as low as 50 Euros to 500 Euros. Location really doesn’t matter, as the city is very well connected and every tourist destination can be reached easily.However for the special touch you can choose for a stay near the Eiffel tower, which has an walkable train and metro station. Other places to stay would be Trocadero or Charles De Gaulle.

Things to do:

Definitely the first is Eiffel towerget yourself on the top of Eiffel tower to get an aerial view of Paris. And also do get a lot of pics (atleast 1 day and 1 night pic) with it, because you are gonna love it . It is set into a shimmering glitter every 5 minutes after 8 in the evening. And trust me, it is the best thing one can witness and you would not wanna miss it in for anything!

Next should be the Louvre museum. However a little tip here. make sure you have ample amount of time and you really enjoy art. This is a very big museum, no doubt beautiful. However 1 whole day would be consumed. So plan accordingly.

Notre Dame: Beautiful beautiful beautiful church. Do visit this place and enter the cathedral. It is built with the gothic style architecture. The similar one is built in Brussels as well.

Disneyland: I haven’t been here, but have got a lot of inputs from my friends that it is indeed one of the magical places on earth. Specially if you are traveling with kids.

Love lock bridge: Do lock away your love for ever with the visit to love lock bridge. Thousands and thousands of lovers who have wished to lock their love here, must be a bit disappointed with the latest news in the removal of locks.

eiffel tower  2015-02-07 (1)


Clockwise from Top: Eiffel tower at night, Louvre Museum, NotreDame Cathedral

Last but not the least, take a stroll through the beautiful streets of Paris. Visit the famous Food streets which has almost all the varieties of food from the world. Be it Indian, Chinese, Greek, Lebanese etc…if you are a foodie like me, this is a must visit. Try the “beef bourguignon” with a splash of red wine. Amazing Amazing!

Like always said, doesn’t fail to impress and will be back for sure!


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