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Vibrant Vienna!

Inky Pinky Ponky!!

Yes ,the trip to Vienna started with a confused choice with Brussels, however, it did make a magic with its charm and history packed package . People usually visit Vienna as a break to Budapest, but trust me, this city has more to offer than it anticipated. “The City of Music” is how they refer to, has provided us with the magnificent music contributor Mozart. One of his famous masterpiece “Beethoven” is still on the top list of everyone and stays untouched.


Note: All itinerary are from my current city Copenhagen.


Travel: We had booked our flights via the “Austrian Airlines”, which was bit expensive than I would usually pay as it was a last minute decision. However if you book the tickets well in advance, I am sure you can get a very good deal for it. Flight charges vary from bout 100 Euros to 300 Euros. The flight takes about 2 hrs. From the airport, there are these airport- city center lines City Airport Train (CAT) which run about every 30 minutes and take approximately 15 minutes to reach. You can pre book the tickets online or you can get the same at the vending machines or counters in the airport. Single journey ticket cost you around 11 Euros and return about 17 Euros.

Within the City: We took at 2 day pass in Vienna which did not come to that much of a use, as most of the places were within the walking distance from where we stayed. The metro and tram connectivity is very clean.

Stay: Like always, I have my trustworthy partner Airbnb when it comes to stay. We had booked this beautiful shared apartment. The room was really bright and clean.  But the best part was the location. It was a 3 minutes walk to the Vienna Opera House and about 8-10 minutes walk to the city center. The stay costed us about 65 Euros per night.

Things to do:

Being the cultural and history hub, there are a lot of places that can be visited. Our Airbnb host was very gracious to help us out with the 2 day planning on how to visit the main places and not get tired ( Yuppie! ).

Opera: Do take a guided tour of the Opera House to get to know little bit of history and how its currently being operated and maintained. Just blows your mind off. Whats amazing is the love and passion with which the people tell out the history of this place. More than love, the pride they feel is really nice!. Opera house has every new production being played daily, which under goes stage alteration almost everyday. Plan well in advance and get your tickets booked for one of the shows. The opera guided tour costs you about 7 Euros and each shows costs you lowest of 6 Euros to a highest of …..Euros.

Kaiserappartements: Very nice collection of silver and porcelain and also the audio guide which actually tells you the transformation of the use of these over the centuries. Also the sisi museum is a very well organised and beautifully narrated tour which would transport you to the living era of Elizabeth. Would recommend this. The tour cost you around 11 Euros, there are multiple ticket options available, which can be selected from.

Schonbrunner Gardens: You can take a metro U4 to get to the Schonbrunner gardens, and the simple trick to actually find the place given by our Airbnb host was that, you just have to follow the people to get off the metro. Its a 5-7 minutes walk from the metro station.

Its nice but a bit disappointing. We took the classic tour which included 5 sections of the palace. The main grand tour of 44 rooms and then the panorama view entry, which had to be reached by crossing a huge area which is surrounded both sides by a Armour garden and the zoo. Then we had the entry to the organey section which mainly included the plants and flowers exhibition. This was the disappointing one! When we entered ,we were expecting a huge room/area with the various kinds of plants and flowers , which would be been so cool. But we ended by in one room and rest of the passage was blocked. This should have been specified somewhere at least. Coz these tours are very pricey and we feel a bit irritated when things like this happen. But the palace it self is very beautiful and well maintained. I would recommend the grand tour !

Walking Street: Make sure you visit this street when you are in Vienna. It hosts most of the designer outlet (Window shopping is always an option). It also has a lot of restaurants from where you can dine in. This street also has some of the cathedrals and the museums , which eventually will lead you to the museum quarters.

All the below places are accessible from the Opera house, within 10 minutes of walking.

– Albertina Museum
– Art History Museum
– Natural History Museum
– Museum Quarter
– the Parliament
– City Hall (Rathaus)

Another local favourites is the food street or the market they call, Naschmarkt, which has a variety of restaurants to choose from. On recommendation from our Airbnb host, we went to “Neni“. The food was tatsy, however a bit expensive considering the quantity. make sure you have cash when you go to the food street.

May be not on my visit again list, but Vienna was a wonderful experience to actually visit and it did leave a sweet spot in my heart forever.

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