I Amsterdam…”The City of Peace” 

Everyone around the globe would always want to visit Amsterdam, at least once in their lifetime. The reason could be anything from the below options and many more Tulip Gardens Smokey Smokey RLD (Red Light District) Because you friend has completely and madly fallen in love with it and you are going to investigate :P… Continue reading I Amsterdam…”The City of Peace” 

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Things Copenhagen taught me

Since I have moved into Denmark, there are few things which has had a very good impact or outcome to me and my lifestyle Be comfortable : People here don care how you look, what you wear, what you eat , with whom you are, what time it is... They follow the policy "live and… Continue reading Things Copenhagen taught me

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Keep Calm and Visit ITALY ;)

Time for some Easter eggs!!! But we opted for pizzas pastas cheese cheese cheese and some yummilicious wines...Yes !!!! Italy it had to be. With my expiry visa on hand this had to be my last and most memorable trip I had to go on. Last minute booking did cost way more than it would… Continue reading Keep Calm and Visit ITALY 😉