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Things Copenhagen taught me

Since I have moved into Denmark, there are few things which has had a very good impact or outcome to me and my lifestyle

  1. Be comfortable : People here don care how you look, what you wear, what you eat , with whom you are, what time it is… They follow the policy “live and let live”
  2. Its OK to be weird : Color your hair pink I say!
  3. Traveling alone can be fun
  4. Run run run and some more run – Exercise for the fun of it.
  5. Exposing need not be dirty or slutty. Skin is good
  6. Being good – Considering the population here, the immigrants are considerably more. However that doesn’t seem to bother most of them. They still welcome with you with open arms.
  7. Cycle is your best friend (specially in summer)
  8. Beer is not that bad… And you should/can, still wake up fresh the next morning
  9. Weather can never be predictable , however I do realize or rather differentiate what abundant sunshine, Plenty sunshine and sunny mean
  10. 7/11 is always your Savior. So don’t scold them for the hyped price 7 11😛
  11. Kant bar in Stroget has the best Strawberry DaiquiriStrwaberry Diaq 🙂
  12. Salad can be a main course, and rice the side 😛

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