I Amsterdam…”The City of Peace” 

Everyone around the globe would always want to visit Amsterdam, at least once in their lifetime. The reason could be anything from the below options and many more

  1. Tulip Gardens
  2. Smokey Smokey
  3. RLD (Red Light District)
  4. Because you friend has completely and madly fallen in love with it and you are going to investigate 😛

And for me it was all of the above reasons.

I visited Amsterdam with my best friends during the tulip festival and it was something that added the little umph to the whole experience.


Copenhagen to Amsterdam: There are couple of low fare flights that depart from Copenhagen. We booked our tickets via the KLM airlines costing a return flight from as low as 100 Euros to as high as 200 Euros. One of the best things bout KLM is the little snack and drink they serve in a short 55 minutes flight is awesome! They indeed love their customers 😁😁

Stay : we had booked ourself a hostel Stay Okay zee burg ,which is within the city limits , of approximately 15 minutes by bus. The hostel was clean convenient and above all cheap. A day costs us around 23 Euros for a 6 person shared room, which included of bath and toilet. They also have a free breakfast with a wide variety of things from breads,fruits,cereal and eggs with milk juice and coffee. They also pack lunch on request.

Local transportation: Traveling from airport would cost you around 5 Euros one way and return of 5.50 Euros. Within the city you can opt for a day pass or a 2 day pass which would cost u around 7 Euros for a day and 12 Euros for 2 days.

Things to do:

RLD ( Red Light District) : Do visit this place irrespective of being married or single. It’s a different experience all together. You need not visit any of the booths or shows rather have a stroll around the area. Since we were 3 girls traveling with guys we opted for a more family friendly shows Moulin Rouge that was being played. It had a combination shows and was a experience to never be forgotten. The show costs around 30 Euros.

Coffee shops: For the smokey coffee lovers this is one must visit places where you can enjoy a evening being relaxed with some cakes and a cold beer.

Tulip gardens : you can plan your trip so that you can visit the tulip garden. It is open to public from mid March to mid May. It’s bout a 30 minutes ride from the schipol airport. A combination tickets would be the smart way to get to it. It cost you around 36 Euros which includes the round trip from airport along with garden entry . The garden has a wide collection of tulips and other flowers with the unimaginable colours possible.

 Zaanse Sachs: This is a heritage site which is available for the tourist to get a taste of the old Dutch village. It has a line of old style windmills which are still functioning. It doesn’t fall under the city limits and the day pass cannot be used to reach this place. A separate tickets would cost bout 8 euros. It can be a nice way to spend time with family as well.

Kings Day: This day celebrates the birthday of the Dutch king. It’s celebrated on the 27th of April when the entire Netherlands turns orange. Try to visit during this time and make sure to wear something orange jus for the fun of it. There are various stalls and street performance that happens during this day with the entire city in orange and drunk!

Museum : There are Variety of museum to select from

  1. Van Gough
  2. Anne frank
  3. Historic sex
  4. Sex toys
  5. National museum
  6. Cheese museum

  As for the food, try the traditional Dutch waffles and chips which is available all across Amsterdam.

This is a weekend plan and the itinerary can be altered depending on the number of days.

However make sure to visit this place with your friends as its a once in life time opportunity of unlimited fun!


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