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Breathtaking Bergen

No amount of description will do justice to the beauty this city holds. You are absolutely mesmerized by the time your flight starts descending. You would not want to miss the view from up in the air. A very unique combination of Harbour and mountains gives it a little different touch. A perfect place for a weekend getaway.


Flights: “Norwegian Airlines” is one of the most famous low cost airlines which runs between Copenhagen and Bergen, almost every single day. The fares are pretty cheap ranging from a lowest of 60 Euros round trip to a highest of 100 Euros. Make note: Bergen overall is an expensive city so opt for the lowest flight possible.

Things to do: Bergen could be slightly boring for people who are not nature lovers and would prefer partying their way through the trip. Apart from this, there are many things or activities which can be chosen from.

DAY 1:

  1. Floyen: One of the 7 mountains that is covering Bergen City, which is right in the center of the city center. A funicular railway runs every 15 minutes to the top of the mountain costing a round trip of 10 Euros. The journey time is approximately 6-7 minutes . We opted for a one way ticket and descended our way down amidst the nature. Beautiful walk down indeed!         
  2. Fish Market: Irrespective of being a vegetarian or non vegetarian, this is one of a kind experience. you can find sea food in all shapes , species and in any size. There is a nice little sit out areas where they will server you the sea food either grilled or fried depending on your preference. My friends opted for the sea food platter which consisted of a considerable amount of food enough for 2, costing about 75 Euros.
  3. City Stroll : Walking through the streets of Bergen is one of the most efficient way to discover the city. Apart from the colorful hut buildings, there are various museum right in the city center which can be chosen from.              

DAY 2 

Ulriken : This is the highest mountain in Bergen out of the 7. This is a whole day activity as it consist of a bit of trekking with easy , medium and hard level of trekking path to be chosen from. Make sure you have a really good weather ( I know the odds, but let the force be with you …:P). We took a shuttle bus to the base point of Ulriken, from where the cable car runs to the top of the mountain. The whole round trip costs about 25 Euros. Once you reach the top, the view is absolutely breathtaking and cannot be expressed. We did a bit of trekking ourself, however make sure to have the proper dress and comfortable trekking shoes. A good time to spend time with kids as there are various activities for them as well. You can also opt for the paragliding , for more awesome view of the city. It costs you about 150 Euros for a 10 minute tour.            

Apart from this a short day trip to Flam also good to have in the plan . Check for the details in the Norway in nutshell. They provide the pre organised tickets with the instruction on the timings and route map. It’s mainly on the journey. You will b goin in train, bus and Fjord.

Places to eat and drink:
Like every other trips I have been to, somehow we end up going to an Indian restaurant. Same was it here .we ended up in “Maharaja”. This is right in the centre of bryggen. I would not recommend this to anyone. The food is terribly bad and pricey for the quantity.

You can opt for some seafood , which is available all over Bergen. There are few street foods like the hot dogs or sandwiches. Reindeer sandwich is one such delicasy.

Flying Dutchman is a beer cafe right by the harbour .pretty spacious and decent beer to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. A little note here , Norway is an alcohol free country. By this I don’t mean they don drink 😛but sellin of drinks are only by some notarised govement body which is open only till 3 PM. So plan accordingly. Beer and cafes still serves alcohol. Also drinkin on roads in Norway is prohibited and can be fined .

Highly recommend a weekend getaway to Bergen😊


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