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München Oktoberfest 😁

Oktoberfest had a lot in store for us to unravel …this was my first ever experience and I knew it right from the time I booked my tickets , it had to be awesome. The crowd is in itself really beautiful ..like they say drunken people are the best. You get to meet new people from all over the globe..like literally! I would anytime recommend Oktoberfest to anyone blindly, without even a second thought.


Journey : Since we did Munich Oktoberfest,flight tickets were so not close to what was budgeted for. However that was never a bottleneck..a little planning and a lot of research helps you reach your goal,eventually. So finally we landed up with an affordable option of flying to Berlin via Easyjet and then a bus to Munich which is a 7 hr long journey via Meinfernbus. The overall round trip costed us 217 Euros which otherwise was coming up to 500 Euros. (We know where to spend our Euros wisely 😉). From the experience on web, I realised that no matter of early planning would land you a good deal for the Oktoberfest. It’s always pricey!

Stay: This is something that should and must be booked in advanced . All the hostels and the hotels are booked pretty much in advanced. For us we were on luckier side for the accommodation. Our friend rented us his apartment for the weekend. And the best part bout it, walking distance from the Oktoberfest.

Things to do: duh! It’s a Oktoberfest, definitely definitely the beer. One of the finest breweries serving the best beers. There are a lot of tents to opt from. However make sure to be there early to reserve yourself a table ,else the entry could get a bit difficult.And a pointer, you don get served unless you have a table.so be really really quick . Apart from the brewery tents there are a lot of games and rides that can be played. A lot of food stalls with famous Bavarian delicasy can also be tried out. Few of them are the Bavarian donuts, white sausages (trick to eat this is to peel the skin off) , pork knuckle , pretzels and curry wurst.

 Other point of interest :

Within a couple of minutes away there is the Allianz Arena and BMW museum which can be visited .

There are numerous castle around Munich which can be visited apart from the Oktoberfest.

Final verdict on the Oktoberfest is that’s is simply one of my favourites so far and I think everyone must have this is your bucket list. See you next year😘

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