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Brussels – Land of Beers , Chocolates and Waffles

Summer in Europe can sometimes be a superficial thing. However luck favored us when we visited Brussels . Beautiful weather and how better to enjoy it with a some Belgium beer and hot waffles.


Copenhagen to Brussels : Summer season is a peak season when most of the people are on the go to one place or another. So tickets can be pricey when compared to the off seasons. We booked a one way ticket to Brussels which costed us around 60 Euros. A return ticket would cost higher as the return fare usually ends up being more. Make a good plan and you can afford a affordable trip :P. For fares and offers, you can check the Brussels Airlines.

Brussels to Luxembourg: This short 3 hour train is the cheapest and the best way to go from Brussels central to Luxembourg Central. Tickets can be purchased online from Belgian Rail or from the counter in the station.The ticket cost around 40 Euros one way. These are the ICE that depart every half an hour to 45 minutes from Brussels Central.

Luxembourg to Copenhagen: Of all the cities, Luxembourg was the one which was offering a considerable cheaper return flights to Copenhagen. Paris could be another such destination with cheaper flight fares and the travel time would be same as reaching Luxembourg. We booked the flight in SAS with one way costing us about 100 Euros.

Stay : we stayed in a hostel called “hello hostel“. The hostel is pretty good, very spacious rooms and lots of washroom (very much needed) and complimentary simple breakfast. It’s bout 10-15 minutes metro ride from the city centre. Hostel costs you about 25 Euro per night. You can also opt for the hotels and Airbnb , which are very close to the grand palace.

Things to do : 

Free Walking tour :One of the best things. The guide was actually a Canadian but he did full justice to the tour. The tour starts from the city square the grand palace. And they take you through the major attraction and give you guides on how well to spend your money while in Brussels. After this, you would not go in to any museums😛.

IMG_4593 IMG_4582 waffle WTIMG_4614

Monuments and museums : from the grand central most of the things are in walking distance (if you don mind a bit of walk).

Starting from the sleeping statue which is considered to be a good luck if u slightly stroke through her left elbow. One of the funniest things to notice is how people are literally running the whole body of the statue 😝😝.


Manneken Pis: this tiny little statue which is covered in the walking tour can be slightly disappointing (like the little mermaid in Copenhagen). It’s very very tiny! And a fun fact , they have a museum dedicated to the dresses he wears.(or more appropriately made to be worn).


Herge museum: Irrespective of being a TinTin fan or not, I think it’s a must visit place. Beautifully narrated the life of Herge and his work and the establishment of TinTin . This museum is a 30 minutes train ride from the city centre. You would need to purchase a different ticket apart from the day pass. It cost about 6 Euros one way.


Music Instrument Museum: One of the most famous museum includes the instrument museum. A time and money well spent . It costs about 8 Euros and audio guide is provided with the required language. It is a 8 floor building with variety of instrument dating back to the old ages and how they were used and what it sounds like.

GI SI sit

Food : Trip to Belgium in never complete if you don’t have the main things. Waffles chocolates and beer. Every street has minimum 4 of such shops. We had the waffle from the waffle factory (recommend by our guide ). It was simply amazing. Waffle price ranges from 1 Euro to 6 Euros depending upon the topping. Try the local beer or ale which are pretty good! French fries is one other thing you will find in everywhere.

IMG_4609 IMG_4613 IMG_4641 IMG_4623 IMG_4601

Other things to do: If you have a couple of more days in Brussels , you can plan to visit the neighbouring cities Bruges or Ghent. There are day trips from Brussels which cost you around 60-90 Euros and runs about 8-9 hrs.

A double thumbs up for the overall experience!

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