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Athens – Greece

Greece is one of the most visited destination in Europe any time of the year. We opted Greece for the Christmas vacation, mainly because of the pleasant weather compared to other parts of Europe. So a 5 day trip to 2 of the main places, including Athens and Santorini.


Travel : We flew from Copenhagen to Athens with the round trip option. After a lot of research, this was the most convenient and budget friendly.A round trip costs about 250 Euros, which is pretty much affordable considering the Christmas prices. We booked tickets via the SAS airlines.

Stay: Post the Amsterdam trip, I usually prefer to have the option of included breakfast, which totally avoids the grumpy mornings.

Athens – We booked a hotel ” Hermes hotel”, which is the Plaka locality and has a very good metro connectivity. This is pretty close to the Acropolis, and the view is visible from few of the chosen rooms. The stay costs about 65 Euros plus or minus for 2 people on sharing basis per night. The rooms in itself are very good and comfortable. I would recommend this one who are traveling under a budget.

The accommodations offer a wide spread of continental breakfast.

Things to do:

Free Walking tour: Make sure when in Athens go for the Athens free walking tour to get an insight of the city and the history this beautiful city holds.Below is the link from where you can book yourself the tour. Its a 2.5 hours and covers the major attraction in and around the Athens city. They also give you useful tips on how avoid the touristy traps along with the places where you can eat cheap and best, how you can travel etc.. Students with EU card have a 50% discount on the travels and almost most of the museum are free of cost.

Some of the main places are

– Acropolics

– Roman Agoras

– Temple of Zeus

– Acropolis Museum

 – Panathenion Stadium -place for the birth of  Olympics

– Change of the Royal guards

– Stroll through the streets of Plaka
  Food 😀: Greek cuisine is one of the most liked. With the numerous charities of pitas and gyros( mainly known as the Sovlaki). These range from around 1 Euro to 7 Euros. Eating at a restaurant could be pricey and quantity would be too much. There are also a variety of bakeries which can be tried for cakes and pastry.


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