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Stunning Santorini

Though its been a while since my visit to Santorini, I think the image or the memories what this place holds is deeply planted and is definitely gonna stay there for ever. What a beauty I must say. May be a little hyped, but worth a visit.The trademark of blue and white has amazed us every single time and never fails to awwwww us.


So basically this trip was clubbed with the Athens. So we did a 3 days athens and 2 days Santorini. You can read all about Athens at the below link.

Athens Itinerary

Travel: We booked ourself flights from Athens to Thira. The journey time varies from 40 minutes to a minimun of 25 minutes and cost about as low as 15 Euros minimum touching to 100 Euros round trip. Ryanair or Aegan air can be checked for the tickets and booked accordingly. There are other options for travel that can be checked out, like the ferry that runs everyday, takes about 7-8 hours. make sure you check the availabilty of the tickets. Since we were there during the Christmas vacations, the ferries were not running, so flight was the only option.

Once landed, you can opt for the public transport to get to the accomodation or book urself a taxi or the best would be hire a car and travel. Taxi one way could cost about 25 Euros for 2 people. Public transport was not very frequent , so higly recommend checking the timetable for the same.

Stay: There are various places to opt when choosing the accomodation, depending on your interest.

Oia : Located at the top of the island is pretty famous for the sunset point and also a honeymoon destination. This is a most popular location for photographers as well. One of the different concepts that is adopted all across Santorini is the Dome shaped houses on the cliff over looking the sea. One of the best experiences in life. We stayed at the Residence Suites here, as most of the hotels were under renovation. We had booked ourself a standar room with a volcano view, however this was too conjusted a place. On requesting we were bumped up to a Honeymoon suite with a private jacuzzi with a difference of 20 Euros. So my suggestion to all, is to be a bit generous as its gonna be a very bit worth it. So on total we spent around 200 Euros for stay for 2 days for 2 people.

Fira is other popular choice for tourist when in Santorini. it is more of a happening place, with a lot of cafes and restaurants. Kamari is the next popular destination when in Satorini mainly because of the pebble sand beach .

Any of the above locations can be opted , however our choice undoubttedly was Oia.

Things to do:

Santorini is mostly visited for its relaxing and recreational purposes. However below are few of my favourite things that can be done

  1. Sunset at Oia Santorini along side of the windmills.
  2. Fully body massage , end up with a dip in the Jacuzzi
  3. Visit the beachbeach
  4. Hike or trail walk from Oia to Fira or vice versa
  5. Try out some amazing local cuisine
  6. Try some good photography amidst the beautiful blue and white houses ( You are gonna love doing this)Blue and white 1
  7. Take a tour to the volcano
  8. And finally take a deep breath and relax!!!!

If you need any further assistance with the planning, reach out to me and I will help you out with my bestest knowledge. Till then happy Traveling.




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