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Blissful Swizterland

Being from a middle class Indian family, its not a everyday thing for people to travel around the world. With 2 daughters, my parents spent their money and time on getting us the best education they could afford. So when I was offered a deputation work in Denmark, I did not even have the slightest doubt of getting them there. Although it was negligible to what they have given us, this was a way to say thank you 🙂

So I had booked them a flight from Mumbai to Copenhagen via Dubai in Emirates. There are other flight options available as well, that is via France(Air France)and via Abu Dhabi(Ethiad). However since this was their first international travel, I wanted them to be a bit comfortable and avoid unnecessary troubles of language and transit. Flight prices from Mumbai can start from as low 500 Euros.

Itinerary :

Travel :Entry to Switzerland was via Basel, since we got really cheap tickets. Other airport  to try is the Geneva airport. Easyjet offers affordable and really budget flights. A one way ticket costed us 20 Euros. Only disadvantage of going in budget friendly flight is that, cancellation charges are way higher.

Once landed we purchased, Swizz rail pass which is is obviously the most convenient and budget way to travel around. 4 day flexi pass cost us about 286 Euros which can be used on any 4 days of your stay without restriction.

Stay: Lucky for us, I had my cousin brother in Bern, who was more than welcome to stay with him. Accommodation can be on a bit costlier side, so book wisely.

Things to do: There are a lot of things to see there. The beauty Switzerland holds is something that comes out of a failytail. Truly Mesmerising 🙂

  1. Jungfraujoch : The highest point in Europe, along with the mountain rail experience that takes you there. There are 2 mid way stops, which is also a viewing station stop. Discount for this area is usually day based, we got a discount of 30%.
  2. Matterhorn : Who doesnt like Toblerone, and what better than the mountain that inspired it. Reach at the base of Zermatt, and take a cable car all the way to the top. With the Swizz pass, there is a 50% discount included. Its a 20-30 minutes of cable car ride. During season, you can see a lot of people skiing. Cable trip cost you about 58 CHF i.e Euros after discount 54 Euros
  3. Rhine Falls : The largest waterfall in Switzerland is the Rhine falls. Beautiful yet powerful view. There are couple of spots where the waterfall can be viewed closely. There is an entry fee costing about 4.5 Euro
  4. Lucerne : No visit to Switzerland is complete without seeing Lucerne. The combination of the snow capped mountain with the lake bed can transport you to a different world. Make sure to make use of your swiss pass, as the cruise is included for free. So hop on one of the cruise tours and take a ride through the Lake lucerne.
  5. Bern : Bern is the capital of Switzerland. And jus like any other place in Switzerland, its beauty is something to admire.A day would be enough to explore this city.

Other places of interest could be – Interlakken, Mount Titilis, Golden circle tour, Geneva and many more. But make sure to plan it well, else it is going to be a burn in your pocket 😛

After a 5 day tour, we had a 2 day trip planned for Paris (and Yes, Paris can never ever disappoint me ;)) . The ticket costed about 40 euros for the high speed train which takes about 3 hours to reach.

Click here to read all about Paris

My verdict on Switzerland- Initially i was a bit skeptical and thought it was too much hyped. But once I saw it, I cannot explain how overwhelmed I am with the beauty it holds. A must visit in your bucket list.

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