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Prague Revisited ;)

Traveling to a known place has a beauty in itself. I am usually popped with the question on how I can manage to visit the same place over and over again. And like always, I say “A place has a lot to offer, it depends on the point of view“. Every time I visit a place, it has a different story, a different experience to share.

Prague is a small town(popular for its cobble stoned roads) in the eastern Europe and has definitely left a soft spot for the tourist /travelers. On our 3 day holiday ,the most visited or I would say crossed path was the Astronomical clock! Not a very fancy vacation, more of a lazy laid back type.


Flight: Since it was during the Easter break, the flight charges are usually sky-high. However we managed to get a decent flight fare costing about 180 Euros for a round trip. (Off seasons the lowest cost is about 100 Euros). We booked our flights in the Czech airlines website itself. Look out for some third-party sites like Skyscanner or Momondo for comparison.

Note: All flight details or booking sites are based from Copenhagen , Denmark.

Stay: Generally when traveling in a group we opt for airbnb or a hostel option. Being a holiday season , most of the things can be sold out pretty fast and the left over ones can be very pricey. I wouldn’t conclude we got a very good deal, but it was a decent bargain considering the time and last-minute booking.Being a genius member in the booking.com site, helped me avail few offers and discount while traveling.  Residence Leon D’Oro was the hotel, where we spent 3 nights and 4 days. This is located right in the heart of old town, with a walking distance from the majestic Astronomical clock and the Charles Bridge. The cost was about 468 Euros for 3 people i.e about 50 Euros give or take per person, per night. Hostels can be opted for cheaper stay. Our hotel included breakfast at no extra cost.

Things to do: There are a couple of things which may be termed as touristy, but frankly in my opinion its worth doing!

Free walking tour: This is something we usually do in most of the cities we visit. This basically gives us an insight on the city as a whole, along with tips on where to eat and where to go. These tours are based on the tips and it’s not funded in any kind. If at the end of the tour, you like it you can give any amount you want to the guide, and they accept it with an open smile. One of the advantages of doing the walking tour is it allows you to narrow down the places you really wanna visit.Its a 2 – 3 hours long, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.IMG_9331

Astronomical Clock: yes! I agree it’s a bit hyped about, but being built so efficiently and imaginatively during that time period is something to be given credit for.Make sure to visit this clock every hour to see a little show it puts on to the crowd. Climbing on the top can be optional, however, it gives a panoramic view of Prague. Plan your day in advance as there might be queue to get to the top. The cost is about 6 Euros to climb to the top.

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Charles Bridge: One of the beautiful bridges I have ever come across.Make sure to take a stroll through this during the sunset, as the view of the Prague castle along with the river is just mesmerizing. The bridge is always, and I mean always filled with tourist and artist. So don’t expect to have a photography moments there. One of the things I personally enjoyed was the caricature artist. It’s kind a funny when you have to sit with a straight face when millions of people are looking and giggling at you and your caricature being made. You feel like a star in your own way 😉 They cost about 14 Euros to 30 Euros.

Prague castle – St Vitus Cathedral:This is at approximately 20 minutes walk from the astronomical clock. The view from the castle is really beautiful. The main attraction on the castle is the Gothic style Cathedral known as St. Vitus Cathedral which shines through the night. One of the beautiful cathedrals I have seen. One interesting fact about this cathedral is that, unlike other Gothic architecture, this cathedral is not very old in its build , it was made to look old by coating with some black paint.

Chocolate factory: Not something everyone would fancy. But it can be something new to learn about chocolates if you are a chocolate lover like me.The best part id the chocolate making session with tasting of the finest chocolates. Also you have unlimited access to sample chocolates while in the factory. Apart from that it can be a bit boring.The entry to the chocolate factory costs about 5 Euros.

Seagway Tour : Not on my priority list mainly because it took me so long to get used to it, but can be done if it’s on your bucket list. There are various options to ranging from 30 minutes minimum to 3 hr. We went for a 1 hr session which covered most of the places which are pretty far if considered to walk.They cover few of the places. The cost of the seagway was about 40 Euros for 2 hrs.IMG_9422

  • Eiffel tower of Prague
  • The dancing building
  • John Lennon wall
  • Peeing men statue
  • Opera concert hall

Food Food and Food 🙂 – This is my favorite section of all. Being a big time foodie, this is something I always look out for when in a new place. Things to try in Prague are

Tridlon : a hollow bread roll with simple sugar coating. Available at every nuk and corner of the city. Other fillings can include chocolate, Nutella, whipped cream etc… But best of all was the one with everything combined… Yummmmm. They cost about 2-3 Euros max.IMG_9430

Guloush : I hope i spelt it right. Its basically from Hungary, but has found its popularity and prominence in Czech Republic as well. Its a soup made of veggies and meat and served over bread or mashed potatoes.

Fried Cheese (Smažený sýr) : As the name suggest, its actually slab of cheese deep fried with a coating of bread crumbs, served with salad and tartar sauce.

Closing words, You need to have this place in your list 🙂

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