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Things to do in HK

Hong Kong can really surprise you with a packed itinerary. Be it relaxation, hiking or even becoming a child. It offers each and everyone to enjoy.

Note: Get yourself an Octopus card, which costs you about 100 HK dollars which is refundable. And you can add credit as and when needed.

So below is our itinerary:

Day 1: Basically this day was spent on just relaxing. We did walk around a bit of the Hong Kong island, exploring local eateries and drinks. We ended our day with the visit to the Victoria harbor.

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Day 2: We started off with a free walking tour, like we do in all the other cities. Not much of historical things, but nice to know few facts, and our guide was a really down to earth person who helped us with few must eat options and places to visit. In my opinion it can go for a pass. Post the walking tour, we went to the Man Mo Temple (Hollywood Road), which is the oldest temple in the HK island. In the evening we went to the Times Square , which was beautifully lit up to match the feeling of the holiday season.

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Day 3: This day was dedicated to the “Dragon Back Trail” trek. Lined along the coastal scenic beauty is just breath taking. It gets its name because of the shape the island peaks are setup is similar to a dragons back. On the way down, you can also go to the beach “Big Wave Bay“and spend some time there. One of the must treks while in HK.

How to get there

To the starting point:
Walk from MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A to Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus. Take bus 9 or the minibus with the sign ‘Shek O’ next to the bus terminus. Alight at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road.
From the end point:
Take the minibus or a taxi to Shau Kei Wan. From here, public transport is available to other destinations

Source:Discover Hong Kong

Day 4: It was time to relive your childhood days, finally it was Disneyland. Tickets cost about 550 HK dollars. Make sure to check out for some offers that are there. We got an voucher for a free meal with the tickets. you can buy the tickets from the counter or via online services in the Disneyland website. There a lot of things to do depending on your interest. Plan your day in advance since there are queues for most of the attractions. Also, the map provided shows some special events that happen during the day.Since we visited during the Christmas time, whole Disneyland was on the Christmas theme.

How to get there:

You need to connect to the Sunny Bay resort line (Pink line) to reach the Disneyland

For further transport related information –  MTR 

Day 5: No trip to HK is complete without a visit to the shopping streets. Visit the Sneaker street, which like the name suggests offers a wide variety of shoes for sale from some of the noted brands. Also, there are a lot of street markets, which do not offer a high end quality, but worth visiting for, and do not forget to have a round of bargain 😉

We also had a day trip arranged to Macau. There are fast jet ferries which take about an hr to reach and can cost from as low as 156 HK dollars to 200 HK dollars.Macau is known as the Las Vegas of the east and is the capital to the lavish gambling. We did try our luck in gambling at the Venetian Macau. One of the largest in the world. Must visit, specially for the architecture which resembles the Venice of Italy. There are a lot of shopping option there as well.  Make sure to have a bit more time allotted for Macau.

Day 6: On our return from Macau, It was the food, that we planned on trying. Starting with the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant “Tim Ho Wan“, known for its pork buns and delicious dim sums. We did end up trying almost everything on the menu 😀 .We also visited the Times square (again), this time to try the Gold plated Ice cream in “Icreameria“, which is a specialty there. One swirl of ice cream costs about 99 HK dollars.

I Creameria – Gold Plated Ice Cream

Day 7: We did the Ngong ping 360. Located in the Lantau Island, provides one of the best aerial view of the island. It has a 25 minutes rope ride to the Ngong ping plateau. It has become one of the most visited places in HK. It also has a giant Buddha statue – Tian Tan Buddha made of bronze which is very difficult to miss out and the. We did a hike down which offers some best views of the HK skyline. One whole day is needed to visit this place.

Day 8:  Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery – Located in the Kowloon Island, is very much accessible by MTR. The monastery with the hall holding up to 10,000 Buddhas is located at a hill with a steep climb of 340 steps approximately. The path is lined with Buddhas, each one different from the other.

Since it was the New years eve, we managed to fix our self a spot in the park close to the Victoria harbor. Fire cracker at midnight is a majestic way to experience new years.


Day 9: Since our flight back to India, was in the evening we managed to go to one more island “Lamma Island. An hour away from the main city, it can be reached via the speed jets or cruise which depart every 1 hour. Its known for its famous fishing village and relaxing beach. they also serve a lot of seafood’s. We also managed to hike up to the windmill which is used to generate power to this island. The hike is comparatively easy.

Eat Out Options: HK has a lot of eating options from Dumplings, Steamed Cake, Noodles to roasted pork etc.. The list is never ending.

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