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Blue Mountains Sydney

Visit to Sydney is incomplete without having a pit stop at the Blue mountains. However, I would suggest going to the Wentworth falls to get the real feel of the Blue Mountains. It’s approximately around 100 KM from Sydney City. The best way to get there is driving which takes about an 1 to 1.5 hrs to reach and the efficient way is taking the train from Central directly which takes about 2 hrs. Travl around NSW is provisioned by OPAL cards. You can visit the website and check for more inromation.

Note: Make sure if traveling by public transport, do it on a Sunday. Because on other days, the traveling fair to the blue mountains will be 16 $ whereas on Sunday the cut of is 2.50 $, post which traveling is completely free.

Things to do :

There are a lot of things to do around the blue mountains , depending on your choice of interest.

Wentworth falls: To reach this place, take the Train from Central station to the Wentworth fall station. Once you reach, you can either take the bus to the Wentworth falls or you can do a small warm up trail called “The Charles Darwin trail” which leads you to it. It’s a very easy trail and takes about 40 to 1 hr to reach. It has beautiful small water puddles and area where you can take rest before you proceed. This walk is best enjoyed with kids , as it’s quite easy and safe and above all, very enjoyable.

Once you reach the Falls location, there are various viewpoint

Princes Rock Lookout

Fletchers Lookout

Rocket Point Lookout

Jamison Lookout

All of these have some amazing view of the falls. There is also a picnic are where you can spend some nice time with your family. This area gets quite cold, so make sure you are dressed to the occasion.

Walking and Trekking Trails: For the people who are more adventurous , I would highly suggest doing one of the trails from the Wentworth falls. There are many trails to choose from depending on the difficulty level and interest. We did the Wentworth Pass and the National Pass trail and it took us about 5+ hrs to complete both. Out of the 2, Wentworth pass is slightly more difficult compared to the other.

Other trails are

Under the cliff trail

Over the cliff trail

Princes Rock walking track and many more bush walking tracks. For more information visit the Blue mountains walking trail website.IMG_0751

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 sister: Visit to blue mountains in quite incomplete without visiting the 3 sisters mountain. To reach 3 sisters, you can either drive up there or if using a public transport, reach the Katoomba station by train and either walk from there or take a busto this tourist attraction. Make sure to check the weather to have clear sky and absolutely no fog. There is nothing much to do here apart from getting yourself an instagram picture (#instapiclocation). There is also a walking track in the 3 sisters.IMG_0599

Scenic World: Another touristy place close to 3 mountains is the Scenic world. Its a nice way to have an adventour holiday. They offer





A ticket to experience all of this costs about 39$ for adults and 21$ for Kids. There is also some family and youth concessions available. Make sure you have lot of time, becoause during the peak season, the queue to this place is longer than expected.

Note: The railway here is the steepest railway in the world. So its a nice way to tick that off your list 🙂


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