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Wedding Cake Rock

NSW has a lot to offer if you are particularly an outdoor person. There are a lot of spots for trekking, bush walking , camping and family picnics. One such place which I visited was the Wedding Cake Rock. It inherited its name, because of its perfect shape and so white! that it resembles a wedding cake from an angle.

Wedding cake rock point is a part of Royal national park. It is about 50 km from Sydney and takes about an hour to reach. Although public transport also can be explored. However, do note there is a considerable amount of walk involved in this route. Trains run from Central to Cronulla station and takes about 50-55 minutes to reach.Then there is a 30 mins boat ride from Cronulla wharf to Budeena Wharf, which by far is the most beautiful ride. Hence my suggested route would definitely be the public transport. Since we were traveling on Sunday, there is a limit on the Opal card post which traveling with Opal card is free. The boat ride is a separate pricing and costs about 6.40 $ for adults and 3.20 $ for Youth and people above 60.

To reach the trekking point, you need to walk about 2kms from the budeena wharf, which on a really sunny day could be tiresome and seem like never ending. So the best way to tackle that would be to be hydrated as much as possible, and to load on some really good sunscreen. The directions are marked really good, so there is a 0% chance of getting lost. Once at the entrance of the Royal national park, just follow the direction of the coastal track(Wedding cake rock Trail) route to reach the destination. There are a lot of stopping points to get in aww with the beautiful scenery.

#Worth a insta pic moments

Closed 😦 – Yes, indeed the wedding cake rock was barricaded and closed for the public access due to the safety measures. However, you can still capture this beautiful rock in a frame, by just walking to the right of the rock, along the barricade.

The entire walk to the Wedding cake rock is about 4 km, and takes about an hour ,one way to reach, however can take longer than expected. The entire royal national park trekking trail can be explored in 2 days, which is about 26km trek. There are also camping grounds which can be used to setup and spend the night. Although be very well prepared for the same. With enough food and water 🙂 (Will address the entire 2 day trek in the coming months)

Note: Make sure to visit the NSW royal national park information center, as some of the trails can be closed due to bush fire, if you are planning to visit during the late spring and summer.

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