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Blue is the colour!

Everyone has at least one of the things they are scared of! for me its definitely the water. So when my friend asked me out on a cruise from Sydney, i was in a serious dilemma. But then , like i said i one of my post that “hiding away from travel is not the solution. There is always a way, if you have the will for it.” So with all the courage, we booked our self the cruise, and what followed changed my entire perception of water!


There are a lot of cruises departing from various port cities in Australia. Sydney is one of them! we booked our self a 4 day return cruise to the “Moreton Island” (which is near Brisbane) via the P&O Cruise line. Make sure to check the offers as they have really good deal. Major discounts are for the weekdays, so if you are visiting Australia for tourism, i would highly recommend to plan this and add it to your list of “things to do”. The entire cruise costed us about 480 AUD per person for a 2 person ocean room.

Room Types: There are various room types to choose from as per your choice and comfort.

  • Interior State Room – 2 person or 4 person sharing , however no view of the oceans
  • Ocean View State Room – 2 person or 4 person sharing. (This is quite popular one, as it has the view and not that heavy on the budget)
  • Balcony – Like the name, you will have your very own balcony with the room. (This is quite popular as well, as sometime they have really good deal on them)
  • Mini Suite – The most comfortable, beautiful and spacious of all rooms. Mostly located at the higher decks.

Things to do

Since you are on the cruise for most part of the trip, I assumed that its gonna get boring and I would end up doing same thing. But I was never so wrong. The cruise is very well planned for people of all types. You have lot of on board entertainments on board. Below are the few must do things

  • Games: There are lot of games for all kind of age groups, right from indoor games to outdoor games like basket ball, and mini golf. Also a lot of adventurous activities if one is interested.
  • Swimming Make sure to visit the swimming pools (all accessible and included in your room price)
  • Performances – Every morning there is a newsletter that is sent to your room. So if there are some shows which attract you, make sure you give it a try, you will not be disappointed. (Shows are stand up comedy, musical skit, drama etc…)
  • Movies – There is a cozy movie theater on the cruise which shows 3 different movies everyday ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bingo – Majorly targeting the older crowd , this is a fun way to spend your time. And if you get lucky, you can even make some money in it ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Learning sessions This one is indeed a fun way to spend your holidays. There are a lot of learning sessions on the bar and lounge area like Wine tasting , Beer and whiskey tasting, Martini and Cocktails makers. Although they are not included in the room price, they are not that expensive and best part is you get to drink all the good drinks ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • 20171208_154103
  • Spa – We did a spa on our last day of the cruise, it was an end of the cruise sale kinda thing. Make sure you check for the cruise newsletter for the same.
  • Cruise Parties: once you have booked the cruise, you will get a list of parties activities on board.So pack your dresses accordingly. Below are a couple of themed parties
    • White colour theme party – also called as “Bianco Party
    • Retro themed party – also called as “The Gatsby Party
    • Black colour theme party – also called as “Nero Party

What to eat

There are a lot of areas which are inclusive of your entire cruise package. An open pantry serving a variety of cuisine is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also there are 3 major fine dining restaurant included in your fare. However, first timers are not usually aware of that. In P&O cruise, there are 3 inclusive restaurant to choose from

  • Main Pantry
  • Waterfront (Changes everyday for cuisine – Open for BF/Lunch and Dinner)
  • Angelos (Italian – Dinner only)
  • Dragon Lady (Chinese – Dinner only)

Note: Make sure to do the booking on the first day of your cruise it self as they have limited seating.

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Island Day

To get off the ship to the island, you need to get a ticket from the announced location and wait for your number to be called on! Then the small boats would take you to the shore. The same boat system will be used to get you back on the cruise as well.

There are a lot of activities to do on the shore like paragliding , parasailing, helicopter ride, Dessert bike riding, snorkeling etc… Or for most of them its a relaxing day at the beach for getting some color. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants.

We however chose to do a bit of walking by the shore , as the weather was very hot! so make sure you have a good SPF sunscreen to protect you from the strong UV rays!

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All in all, it was one hell of a cruise trip! I would definitely recommend who has never gone on one of these (for whats so ever reason), to give it a try!

Note: Make sure to carry along with you tablets(chewable or normal) to help in case of sea sickness.

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