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Being at the closet distance to Sweden, its a shame I dint get a chance to explore this beautiful country. So for my last trip in Europe before heading back to India, I chose Gothenburg. Its the second largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm.

Make sure you plan the journey well, else you will end up paying more than needed. We booked our self a bus from Copenhagen to Gotheburg bus terminal and the return was via train. The overall journey costed about 50 Euros. For stay we opted for a 3 bed room in STF Göteborg City Hotel, which was about 170 Euros per night, which was about 57 Euros per person. Pretty comfortable and right in the middle of the city, accessible to most of the tourist attractions. It also has an wide range of inclusive breakfast buffet. Being right in the center, there are a lot of eateries and restaurants to opt from.

For most of the time, we just walked around the city, exploring this beautiful waterside city. few of the things to visit are as below

  • The walking street
  • The fish market
  • The river side sunset
  • The harbor
  • Opera House

And finally not to miss the “Hard Rock Cafe”. Although there was nothing much we did here in Gothenburg, the city did have a relaxed vibe. For people who want to chill and take a stroll through the lanes without being in a constant pressure of visiting places, Gothenburg is for you 🙂

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